As dedicated K9 professionals, we are committed to helping you improve your relationship with your dog. Dark Horse K9 Services specializes in obedience (from beginner to tactical/sport) training, protection, tracking, and odor detection.

First Training Session Info


Whether you’re a first time dog owner or have experience, Darkhorse K9 will work with you to ensure maximum results. Obedience is the foundation of a safe, healthy, and rewarding relationship with your dog.


Whether you’re looking for sport (IGP, PSA, Ring, etc.), or real world confidence and safety, Darkhorse K9 can help.


We confidently train detection dogs for law enforcement and civilians alike. From nosework sport, to narcotics, bed bugs, cadaver, explosives, and more. Let Darkhorse K9 open the world of canine detection to you.


From IGP style footstep to footstep tracking, to locating wounded deer, to mantrailing, we can help. Let Darkhorse K9 help lay a firm tracking foundation with your dog.