First Training Session Checklist

  • Please be aware that your dog will need to be left in your vehicle (crated) during the lecture portion (approximately 1.5 hrs). 

  • Please bring a very hungry dog. When a dog becomes stressed, as it may in a new environment, the appetite becomes suppressed. If the dog will not accept food, very little can be done with it during this initial lesson.  

  • Please bring the food that the dog eats (as much as it would normally consume in one day), as well as a higher value food/treat. Try to avoid anything too crumbly or stringy as this will interfere with engagement.  

  • Please bring the collars and leashes that you normally use with the dog as well as the toys that your dog normally plays with. 

  • Please attempt to arrive approximately 5-10 minutes early so that your dog has plenty of time to relieve itself before the start of the lecture. You are encouraged to take notes and some will also be provided to you.  

  • Once you have completed the initial consultation you will have the opportunity to schedule your next appointment. If/when you do so you will have the opportunity to submit one video per day (3 minute max.) for critique before your next appointment.